Thursday, May 8, 2014


     So, I survived the A to Z Challenge, but I can't figure out how to post the badge on my blog.  Big surprise, huh?  I refer you to my post on my technophobia if you need an explanation.
     But I can still reflect on my experience, badge or not, because dammit, I'm an American citizen and I know my rights.  So here goes.
     I completed the Challenge.  found a bunch of cool blogs I hadn't known existed.  I e-met some lovely people.  I learned that even I am capable of linking to a You Tube video on my blog.  I learned that there is such a thing as the Insecure Writers' Support Group.  And that an entire blog can be dedicated to panda cartoons.  And that it's possible to glean enough wise life lessons from a house full of adopted dogs to require a whole alphabet.  And I learned, to my surprise, that I actually have at least 26 favorite things in this world, and that doesn't even count people.  And that I can improvise on short notice, and post on the blog even when I don't feel like it and it can still turn out mostly okay.
     And I learned that you never know where or when you might stumble across a community that you want to be part of, so it's important to say yes to challenges, and to follow through on them.  Thanks very much to all the Challenge organizers and contributors.  It was fun.  Maybe I'd even do it again next year.  And special thanks to Yvonne Ventresca, who told me about the Challenge and encouraged me to do it - and somehow managed to complete it herself, the month before her debut novel was going to launch!  Now, that's dedication. 


  1. Thanks Susan! I think I'm still recovering.... Glad you found this to be a worthwhile experience. I did, too.


  2. Thanks, Yvonne, and happy Mothers' Day!

  3. Sounds like a great experience for you! Panda cartoons? I must have missed that one... I completely agree with your comment on being creative at short notice. Amazing what we can do!

  4. HJ: Huzzah for us and our fellow Challenge survivors! And thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. Congratulations on completing the challenge.

    I love all the interesting things people choose to write about during the challenge. :-)

  6. Well, thank you, Click! Did you complete it too? If so, congrats back at you!

  7. Hello there.
    Thanks for sharing. Just stopping by to congratulate you on completing the A-Z Challenge! I found my first challenge challenging, but I'm challenging myself to visit all 2,009 blogs that took part. I started with a few blogs on the original signup list, then switched to the Road Trip (which I've completed). Now, I'm touring the Reflections List. My goal is to completely finish all blogs before the start of the 2015 challenge. I need all the refreshment I can get along the way!!!

    Entrepreneurial Goddess