Saturday, June 22, 2013


      I offered a book giveaway contest this past week and have not had a single contestant.  Obviously there's been a failure of communication here, and I will now try to rectify it.
     This contest is a multistep process, as follows:
           Step One: I set it up and announce the rules.
           Step Two: People enter the contest.
           Step Three: I choose a winner and deliver the prize.
     I've performed Step One.  I cannot, however, perform Step Two, because it requires action by persons other than myself.  Nor can I perform Step Three, because there is no way in this world that I can select a winner from among nonexistent contestants.  I've actually given the matter some thought, but - nope. Can't do it.
     So. Whoever you are and wherever you live, please - step up to the plate. Enter the contest! Maybe win a wonderful book!  And if you don't win this time, I have a lot more giveaway contests in the pipeline, but someone has to win this one first!  Don't make me come after you!!!!


  1. Hey, Susan! I'm sorry I missed this, but I've been mega busy at home here and not keeping up with much of anything online---just occasional.

    I won one of your giveaways already, so would feel guilty about doing this one! And I was confused in looking at the cover you posted. The one I've always seen in the store was blue with a black partial outline of a face. Is it the same book?

    And I have to be honest---I don't remember any words of wisdom told to me about this particular subject---not as a child anyway!

  2. Donna!! How the heck have you been? Thanks so much for your comment, even if you're not a real contestant! You're such a pal. Yes, this is the same book, but the cover photo I posted is the Australian version, which I like a lot. Hope you're doing well and have nice summer plans. Email me when you have a chance!

  3. I am sorry I missed this! And the book is in my online shopping cart, reminding me I want to read it. I heard it was amazing. Now, I don't remember any specific advice, but can easily imagine a nudge along with a "Don't stare." Depending on the age of the child, that could possibly be decent advice, followed by an explanation later. That's all I've got...

  4. Yvonne: you are The Man! Not only did you not miss this contest; as of this moment, I would say that you ARE this contest. Thank you for stopping by! I'm still keeping the contest open for a while in the hope of getting more responses, but we'll have to see about that....

  5. Here's the deal: either I get another, better entry by the end of this weekend, or Yvonne, you're my default prize winner! I'm hereby putting the rest of the world on notice: if you want to win a free copy of WONDER for a modicum of effort, you have two more days!