Saturday, June 15, 2013


All righty then. Here I go with the first of my giveaway contest series, and the prize is well worth your contest entry: my own virtually pristine copy (I treat my books well) of this bestselling MG novel, published last year by Knopf.  It's an easy contest for me to begin the series with - easy peasy, as Maddie from CODE NAME VERITY would say - because I've already reviewed the book on this blog.  I should add, though, that as I just learned today, Auggie's facial deformity is due to Treacher-Collins Syndrome, which is a very real condition and which Palacio obviously researched extensively in order to be able to create such a compelling version of it in Auggie.
     So.  Are we ready?  The correct response, as my son and I have learned during our epic crossword-puzzle matches: "I was born ready."  Okay, let's go.  Here's the question:
As a child, what were you told (other than not to stare) about people who were "different" in some way?  Looking back now, what do you think about that advice?

That's it!  This contest will run until next Sunday night at midnight Eastern time, or until however long I choose to extend it beyond then.  The person who submits the answer I like the most will win my copy of the book, regardless of where in the world he or she lives.  LET'S DO THIS THING!!


  1. When I was a kid my parents always emphasized on 'individuality'. As a child I failed to understand what that meant but now that I'm a teen, I understand, more than anything, the need for everyone's being different. My parents have always taught me to respect everyone in spite of the differences there might be between me and the other person; the differences might be physical, in our thoughts, action, perspectives, ideas or words but the need for respecting individuality grows stronger. I still think fondly of that advice which made an impression on me as a kid(though i had no idea what it meant).

    Thank you so much for giving away a copy of this book, this might not be the best answer, but I want to thank you for reminding me of a powerful lesson.


    P.S: you know, I wouldn't mind if you gave me a copy of your book, i'd be glad for your kindness =)

    1. Hello, Aqsa! What a wonderful comment you've left here! Thank you so much. You're too late to win my only copy of WONDER, but I'll tell you what - I have a bag of other wonderful teen books that I'm looking to give away. If you tell me what kind of books you like to read, I would be happy to try to find a matching one and send it to you! You can send me your preferences and your address as an email to muranosb(at)gmail(dot)com. I am excited to hear from you! By the way, if you were asking about my own book, it's not published yet and I'm still fine-tuning it.

    2. Oh thank you so much!! So kind of you to reply and I am delighted to see that you're willingly giving away some other book of yours to me!! the email is on its way =)

    3. It makes me very happy to give books to people that I think will appreciate them.