Saturday, December 1, 2012


     Great news from Kami Kinard, fabulous blogger, nerdy chick extraordinaire, and author of humorous middle-grade novel THE BOY PROJECT. Of course, we all know Kami from my posts about her, Parts I (the interview) and II (my musings), as a result of which we all ran out and bought, read, and loved TBP, right?  Of course right!  Well, Kami wants us all to know that she has just signed a contract for her second book, a companion to TBP.  Read all about it here!  And then let Kami know on her blog that you can't wait to read about the further adventures of Kara McAllister, her best friend Tabbi, and those confusing, exasperating creatures known as BOYS!  Say it with me now: NERDY CHICKS RULE!!

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