Tuesday, December 18, 2012

GOD, GUTS & GUNS - revisited

I was jusr reminded today of a post of mine from this past July, and I thought it was worth reposting: theartofnotgettingpublished.blogspot.com/2012/07/god-guts-and-guns.html.  Thanks for listening.


  1. Susan, just yesterday I was doing research on writers' blogs and came across a post on one that was very interesting--about gun control. Thought you might find it interesting, too.

    Regardless of what laws we do and don't have, it is the sickness in the world that is making it what it is. But guns kill easily, swiftly and many if they are rapid-fire. It's all awful :(

    Anyway, here's the link. Also, a note to anyone reading--there are a few "choice" words used:


  2. Donna, thanks for your comment and for the link. It helps to see that there is room for moderate approaches on this issue and that it doesn't have to be all black-or-white. The important thing is to start the dialogue going, and I think today Obama may have accomplished that. Have a wonderful Christmas, Donna!