Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why Is Everyone Picking on Todd Akin?

     Geez.  The guy makes one little mistake, and BOOM!  His party abandons him.  Is that any way to act?  All he did was express a scientific fact: that rape cannot lead to pregnancy because women's bodies possess a mystical ability to "shut all that down" if they've been forcibly (a.k.a., "legitimately") raped.  Okay, most people throughout history who accepted that as scientific fact lived during, or prior to, the Middle Ages, but a guy's entitled to his opinion, isn't he?  Clearly, his scientific opinions are worthy or respect.  After all, he's served on the House of Representatives' Committee on Science, Space, and Technology (check out his bio if you don't believe me), so he's got to know SOMETHING, right?
     Stand by your man, GOP.  Don't let a little boo-boo like this derail this righteous crusader (who, by the way, receives an "A" rating from our friends at the NRA) from his holy quest for a Senate seat.  Claire McGaskill needs all the help she can get.


  1. God, I love irony. You were being ironic, weren't you? or was that 'satirical"?

  2. I believe I was being a bit of both, Miz B. Not about his being Claire McGaskill's best hope, though. I hope Brother Aiken toughs it out for a few more crucial hours so he can spend the next several months going down in VERY hot flames.