Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Very Short Follow-Up

     OF COURSE Akin didn't withdraw from the Senate race!  To an unbridled and none-too-bright narcissist like him, it's not about his political party, or its reputation, or its chances of capturing a Democratic Senate seat, or maybe even the White House.  IT'S ALL ABOUT HIM!!!!  HE'S not a quitter!  HE doesn't bow to pressure!  HE messed up one little word, and now HE deserves forgiveness!  How many more ways can this man bring disgrace on himself and still fail to realize that he's doing so?  Unwittingly, he is a veritable poster child for why there need to be more women in public office.  Should this bozo and others of his ilk ever, ever, ever be in a position to make decisions about women's health issues?  Or, for that matter, about anything else?


  1. It is a disgrace that he is still in office, in the running for another office. "One little word" Well, if he had ever experienced rape, he wouldn't be so quick to dismiss it as only "a little word." And I have to ask myself, did he sleep through high school biology, or what?

  2. That is an excellent question. Maybe he's slept through the last 500 years of scientific knowledge and just woke up in time to run for Congress! Thanks for your comments, B. I hope you get your pandas!!!