Tuesday, May 29, 2012

There's Nothing Like Old Friends

     On Sunday I saw two friends I hardly ever see, Ann and Jocie.  We all went to law school together, 1976-79, and the three of us scheduled one of our rare mini-reunions.  Yeah, we're frighteningly old, but it was really good to see each other and catch up.  There's me in the middle.

I only have short friends, in order to convince myself that 5'2" is a normal height.  I need to do this in order to counteract the cruel gibes of my children.  Perhaps the lowest blow (as it were) was struck a few years ago when Nathan and I were puzzling and he told me, "the answer to 28 down is 'Mommy.'"  So I checked 28 down, and the clue was, "dwarf with glasses."  Oh, sure, have a laugh at my expense, why don't you?
     But I digress.  What I meant to say was exactly what I said in the title to this post.  One of life's true pleasures is having friends who have known you for most of your life, who know everything about you, both good and bad, and like you anyway.  Salud!

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