Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hallmark Doth Make Mothers of Us All

Okay.  It's becoming clear.  If I don't do new blog posts,  I don't get any hits, right?  Fine, if that's the way you want to play it, but at least listen to my excuse:  I've been busy.  No - "busy" is where I would have been if I'd gotten off any of the first three exits on this highway I'm driving.  "Busy" has come and gone, I've zipped past "Overscheduled," and I'm starting to see signs for Exit 20.   "Major Freakout: Two Miles Ahead."  Thinking has been crossed off my agenda for at least the past week, and blogging without thinking  is unthinkable.  No - not unthinkable - it's just not really blogging. There's another word for it, if I could only remember what it was.  AHA!!  "Tweeting!"
     Anyway.  In addition to not writing - and I have not been - I've also been not blogging, except for interview posts and anecdotes about my kids.  But that's all going to change now, because my son just gave me the world's most thoughtful Mother's Day present: a book entitled "Blogging for Dummies."  Touching inscription: "Mom: Because you're both (1) starting a blog and (2) a dummy, I thought this book would be perfect for you!" How well he knows that when he leaves in three months, I'll have to fall back on my own technological expertise, which might best be described as paleolithic.  I hope the book's first chapter is entitled "How to Blog While Curled Up in Fetal Position."
     Okay, so here are my new Mother's Day resolutions:   Make time to think.  Make time to blog.  Make time to read the book. And, above all: make time to appreciate my two amazing kids, while we're all still residing in the same zip code.  Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Make time to write novels, too!

    1. Hey, Yvonne! How have you been? I hope you had a wonderful Mothers' Day!