Thursday, January 15, 2015


     Thank you so much to the lovely and talented Yvonne Ventresca for nominating me for this wondrous award!  And I'm going to do my best to carry it forward, which means that I must
     A. display the award on my blog (done!);
     B.  link back to the person who nominated me (done!);
     C.  state seven things about myself (not yet done); and (here's the kicker)
     D.  nominate 15 bloggers, link to them, and notify them of their nominations. (can't do)

     The thing is that I don't personally know 15 bloggers, and it would be really embarrassing for me to "notify" people like A.S. King that I've nominated them, so here's what I'll do instead: list seven blogs that I really love to follow, and notify those of the bloggers whom I can claim to know, even slightly, and just recommend the other ones.  Would that be okay?  I'm sorry, but it's just going to have to be.

      But first: seven things about me.
     1.  I'm the world's worst dancer.  Seriously.  When I was in eighth grade our class dance teacher choreographed a dance to be presented at our graduation by the whole class, and then took me aside to inform me that I would not be participating.
     2.   I don't watch television at all, with the only exception being Mad Men.  When the last season of that show ends this spring, I will be bereft.
     3.   I can bend all of my fingers at the top knuckle joint without bending them anywhere else.  This talent creeps my children out to a highly satisfying degree.
     4.    I live with the two best dogs in the world.

     5.   I have this thing about food textures.  "Gooshy" foods turn my stomach.  This category includes: cheesecake; meringues; custards; puddings; whipped cream; jellies or jams - basically, if it quivers, get it away from me.
     6.   Some 25 or 30 years ago, I used to act in community theater productions.  Comic roles were my favorites.  Once I was in a play with Blanche Lewis, Richard Lewis's mother.  She was a very sweet, very ditzy older lady who more or less learned her lines, but would wander around the stage as if the concept of blocking did not exist.  Richard attended one of our performances.  He looked like he was undergoing a root canal.  But then, isn't that how he always looks?
     7.    Math and I never got along.  Sometimes (when no one's looking) I count on my fingers.

     And now, on to the blogs!!  Here are some of my true favorites:

  •  Janet Reid, Literary Agent - an actual agent answers actual questions from actual writers.    Honest, funny, and right-on.
  • Here's Me Using the Word Blog in a Sentence - blog of the inimitable A.S. King, in which she shares musings, opinions, personal stories, photos, news... it's pretty much the A.S. King General Store, and you just might want to move in.
  • Holly Schindler's Character Driven - if you read my blog, you know of my boundless admiration for Holly Schindler.  Read a little of her blog, and I bet you'll join me.
  • Nerdy Chicks Rule - this is the playground and communication center for authors Kami Kinard and Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen.  Informative and empowering.
  • On the Verge - home of the amazing Jody Casella - look her up on my blog too, and then go check out her posts about life, writing, and the intersections between the two.  Personal, funny, deeply human.  
  • Roughwighting - author Pam Wight has an incredible knack for making anyone who sets eyes on her blog feel like they've just made a smart, vivacious, warm new friend.
  • Jennifer R. Hubbard, Writer - contemplative, wide-ranging posts on a variety of interesting subjects, including but not limited to the writing process.
Look them up and let me know what you think!


  1. Can't wait to check out the blogs you mentioned! (PS -- Bending the rules is fine with me.)

    1. Thanks, Yvonne! I tried to abide by the spirit, if not the letter.

  2. Hey Susan,

    Thanks so much for the nomination! I just found out about it. I seriously doubt you are the world's worst dancer, by the way!

    1. Kami, I emailed you as soon as I did it - maybe you've changed your email address? Anyway, it's so nice to hear from you, especially when you try to console me about my dance deficits! Take care.

  3. Oh myyyyy, I've written to you my thanks but somehow it's never 'taken.' I'm trying again. THANK YOU for nominating me! I am honored and pleased as punch and red-faced because I didn't see this soon enough. I do not accept nominations for a variety of reasons, but I love reading your blog, and thank you for enjoying mine!