Saturday, August 2, 2014


     I have a couple of things to report.  In no particular order, these are:

1.  I finally got around to submitting interview questions to Yvonne Ventresca about her debut YA novel, PANDEMIC, and her first-time author experience to date.  Please keep checking back here for her answers, which I can guarantee will be worth the wait!

2.  But don't bother checking between August 8th and 16th, because that's when my family will be in ROME!  (Where we'll be doing as the Romans do, naturally.) We're celebrating my daughter's high-school graduation and her upcoming freshman year in art school, and my son will be able to join us for about half the week we'll be there, so I'm very excited about the whole thing!  And I'll take lots of pictures and post some of the good ones when we get back.

3.  I finally got around to doing something that I think every single workshop-giver at the annual New Jersey SCBWI conference kept advising every attendee to do:  make myself some promotional writer's business cards.  I paid My Daughter the Future Illustrator to design a logo for me, and voila!!

    Pretty professional-looking, ay?  I'm pleased.  So far I've given away three of them, but I'm not sure I should really count those because they were to my husband, my daughter, and my mother-in-law, respectively.  But now next time I go to a writing conference I'll be able to network like a rock star!  It was well worth the small investment.

4.  I did my best to plug up the plot holes in my Parrot Book, and then sent the manuscript out to an agent I met at the Conference who had requested it.  Which means nothing, of course... and who should know that better than I?  But try as I might, I can't quite stamp out that last faint vestige of hope...

     So, ciao for the next two weeks or so!  If you're a writer, keep writing no matter what!  If you're a dreamer, keep dreaming no matter what!  And, whoever else you might be: enjoy the next two weeks and then report back to me about the awesome things you did.

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