Monday, April 7, 2014


     Remember this scene from The Producers? "He likes boids. Doity, disgusting boids." Well, I'm here to say that not all boids are doity and disgusting.  This wasn't what I was planning to post about for F, but I thought you'd want to see a fair fowl that was casually occupying a front yard across the street from my (definitely non-rural) house one day last week:

     And a different view of the same guy:

     He might have been doity, but he was far from disgusting.  I'd go with "majestic," in fact.  Which is why it was so weird that when I was standing in the street, taking pictures of him, the neighbor in the adjoining yard opened her window to tell me that she'd called Animal Control, but they'd come and "not done anything."  Not done anything like what?  Like shoot him, for God's sake?  He was just standing there, preening.  I replied to the neighbor, "Well, I think he's cool."  Her response?  "Well, I don't want him in my yard."  Window slammed shut.
     As my mother used to say: it takes all kinds.  And that definitely includes Fools.


  1. LOL! Some people... I think he's beautiful, and I wouldn't mind him trouncing through my yard. Then again, I get all kinds of tropical bird walking through my yard on a regular basis.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Crystal! I live in the wrong place for tropical boids (and some would say that suburban New Jersey is the wrong place for a lot of things), which is why I was so excited to encounter Tom Turkey.