Friday, January 20, 2012

Absolutely Nothing To Do With Writing...

but how can I NOT blog about the Republican-primary freakshow? My God, it's everywhere you turn.  Who has the best chance of defeating Obama the Antichrist?  Well, let's see whom we can crown Whitest Whiteboy in America, shall we?  Why don't they just put an end to the interminable anguish of this process and decide the whole thing on the basis of a dance competition?  Obviously, whoever is the clumsiest and most tonedeaf is the one least likely to be a henchman of Satan.  Voila!  Our candidate!!  But who?  Rick Sanctimonium?  Ron Paul, founder of a crackpot dynasty and possessor of a voice possibly even more grating than George W's?  Le Roi Newt, so in touch with his inner European Monarch that he can't understand why he couldn't consort with both his wife AND Callista the Whip Lady?  And last but not least, Uncle Mitty, who looks okay, speaks comprehensibly (for a robot), and doesn't belong in a straitjacket, but, most horrible betrayal of all, he's - gasp! - NOT PRECISELY CHRISTIAN!!!  Hey, good luck tomorrow, South Carolina.  Can't wait to see which one of the Four Stooges gets your thumbs-up.
     As for me, I'll be focused on getting ready for the national SCBWI winter conference in New York next weekend.  Reading faculty bios, planning my public transportation route, and trying to become a charming person by 7:30 a.m. next Saturday.  I might even be able to pull that one off, unless someone at the conference within my immediate radius mentions the primaries.

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  1. My vote is for the guy who doesn't care about the "very poor." They are quite a drag.