Sunday, March 26, 2017


     First, the bad news: Trump remains in the White House, for now.  But here's the good news: the horrific, cynical, murderous Wealthcare bill is dead (for now).  Countless lives will be saved.  And perhaps most importantly, Trump has been severely weakened.  One of his Horcruxes has been destroyed.

   Now, let's all get to work on destroying the rest of them.


  1. LOVE this analogy! Seriously, when I heard that they had pulled the bill, it was like my blood pressure dropped 50 points and for the first time since the election I felt like I could take a deep breath. Still much work to be done, but at least I feel like one target if off my back.

    1. Same!!! Now he's moved on to destroying the planet, which unfortunately isn't unconstitutional. But it's all starting to catch up with him. Let's not give up hope.

  2. Love that you used Horcrux!! Though am not so sure Voldemort would be too pleased at the comparison, he has a much smarter hairdo :)

    1. Hy Nila! Yes, Voldy is a 10 compared to Orangeman.

    2. Hey Susan!

      Miss your wonderful, historical posts!
      without known faces, I feel somewhat lost
      but no worries, you'll be
      back at the A-Z
      when your work's done, and the hurdle's crossed.

      A time for everything, and everything at its time. I'm sure I'm quoting someone or something, just not sure who/what :) Thought I'll just return the poetry :)

      Thanks so much for the support Susan. Great to see you there. Wishing you much success in your 'work' in April. Stay well and see you soon.