Tuesday, March 19, 2013


     It's definitely time for me to do another book giveaway (I have a sixth sense for such things), and I know just the book. Maureen Johnson's second Shades of London YA novel, THE MADNESS UNDERNEATH, is coming out next week. So if you haven't yet read Book #1, THE NAME OF THE STAR, isn't it high time you did? Exactly. Here is the deal: I follow Maureen Johnson on Twitter and find her so snarkily hilarious that I've developed a serious girl-crush on her. As a result, I recently bought, and read, TNOTS (surely it's obvious that those are the title's initials) despite knowing full well that paranormal is not my thing. Well, I'm here to report that the book is clever and fast-paced and well-written and atmospheric, but paranormal is still not my thing. So it seems to me that there is no sense in my holding on to my copy of TNOTS (which is in excellent condition) when someone other than me could win it, and read it, and love it, and then go out and snatch up the sequel.
     Which brings me to: the rules.  If you want to enter, leave a comment on this post describing your top three literary associations with the city of London. They can be authors, or individual books, or characters in books, or a combination thereof. Do your best to make me feel what you feel, both about your choices and about London itself.  I will choose, in my own purely subjective method, my favorite comment, and I will immediately send my copy of TNOTS (yes, I really like those initials) winging its way to you, wherever you live, at my expense.  You have from now until this Friday, March 22nd, at midnight East-coast time, to post your comment. Okay? GO!!!


  1. OK, I'm giving it a shot, though "paranormal" isn't really my thing either! lol

    1) Oliver Twist

    2) Shakespeare

    3) Bloomsbury Publishing (J.K. Rowling & Harry)

  2. Hey, Donna! Thanks for the comment! If this trend continues and you're my only commenter, you win by default!!

  3. Well, Donna, you are our lucky (default) winner! Congratulations. Just email me your address, and I will send the book out to you on Monday! Maybe it will change your mind about paranormal. Even if it doesn't, you should follow Maureen Johnsonn on Twitter, because she is WAY cool.