Wednesday, January 16, 2013

On Prepping for a Medical Procedure

     You know, I thought I could pull it off, but I was wrong. Apparently there are levels to which even I refuse to sink. Although I was fully intending to distract myself this evening from the task at hand, I couldn't bring myself to finish this poem:

     Time's a-wastin.' Must get rollin.'
     Doctors need to check my colon.
     Tomorrow, so they know what's what,
     They'll shove a camera up my butt.
     So, tonight, to clear their view,
     There are things that I must do.
     These are all disgusting things,
     Of which nary a poet sings,
     But I, while being thus immersed,
     Thought perhaps I'd be the first
     To have my magnum opus be
     An ode to colonoscopy.

     Wimp that I am, I can proceed no farther. So, I am opening this challenge up to you, my loyal followers. Complete this poem, and you will have the world at your feet. Okay, that might not actually happen, but you will definitely have my gratitude and admiration, and who knows where that will take you? Get to work! I'm counting on you! And I'll check back tomorrow night, when (I sincerely hope) I will be in much better physical and mental condition than I am right now.  XXXX


  1. Susan, good luck with your procedure, my dear. Although I LOVE what you wrote, I'm not inclined to work on it, I'm sorry to say. Actually, I need to work on something of my own, but haven't. I'm caring for a sick aunt who's dying of cancer :( My mom has been down here for a month and I'm giving her a few days break. From what I just read, things are in the very final stages :( Not easy.

    Anyway, I really do love your unfinished poem! I think you'll be able to finish it once you're finished with the procedure! :)

  2. Donna, thank you for your comment. I feel bad being so frivolous when you have such a difficult task at hand. I hope your aunt's life comes to a peaceful and painless end. As for my poem - I don't feel like getting back to it. Right now, I just want to put the whole thing behind me (get it???) XXX