Saturday, November 3, 2012


     I'm posting this from the refuge of my brother-and-sister-in-law's house in Philadelphia, where I just took my first hot shower since Monday morning.  My daughter and I escaped our cold, dark NJ house and drove down here last night when I got home from work (husband stayed home with the dogs), and are hoping against hope that when we get back there tomorrow, our power (electricity, heat, hot water, all those little things we take for granted) will have been restored.  It felt sort of adventurous for the first day or so, heating water over a little propane camping stove, but then the weather started getting colder, and we started relying on our fireplace for heat, and sleeping in the living room, and by yesterday, the thrill was definitely gone.  And yet, we were among the lucky ones.  No major damage to house or property, no one injured.  Our neighbors' giant tree is down in our back yard, but we can live with that until such time as there are tree people who are no longer tied up attending to dire emergencies and can come haul it away. We are safe.
     And an added bonus: this week without the Internet has definitely cured me of my Twitter addiction, cold turkey!  But, now that I'm online, how could it hurt.....

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  1. Mom and I feel ya! We stayed home even after the adventure of it was gone. Thank goodness we found a laundromat with power and free WiFi around Day 4. That helped a little. Our power came back last night. We're happy, and I won't miss wearing my pink sweater all day, but I will miss breakfast at McDonald's every morning. Good luck!

    Love and licks and back-from-the-blackout,