Friday, February 13, 2015


     ...and sooner or later even the most avoidant bloggers (hi there!) have to overcome their resistance

and get back to blogging.  And let me say this about that.  I really, really loathe sitting around waiting to hear back from a literary agent.  I also really, really loathe bitterly cold weather that requires fortitude to even venture out into.  And what have I got to look forward to over the next couple of weeks?  BINGO!!  A two-for-one special!  So why would I want to inflict my misery on a wonderful person like yourself, when you've done nothing wrong beyond innocently stumbling across my blog?  I mean, even I have some standards of decency.
     I do have a couple of things to look forward to during the remainder of the godforsaken month of February, and believe me, I'm hoarding those things like gold.  A small dinner party tomorrow night.  Tickets to a play next weekend.  Lunch with one friend on a weekday.  Maybe breakfast with another.  And I even have a fabulous piece of news.  My son - this guy -

- who is somehow going to graduate law school in May and be released on the unsuspecting world - this very same son has gotten the post-graduation, post-bar exam job he most wanted, and he got it solely because he worked very hard and earned it.  And I don't really see how it could be possible for any parent to be prouder.
     But after all, it's all about ME, not about him, and as for ME, it looks like the rest of this month is going to really suck, so, yeah.  Don't even bother reading my blog until March rolls around.  Word to the wise.  Just leave me alone.  You won't regret it.

     See this woman?  Well, just picture her bundled up in fifteen sweaters, gloves, a hat, and a down jacket with a hood, and voila!  You're lookin' at me.

p.s.  Eureka!  I just learned that there is reason to hope that I and others from my planet may someday be able to communicate with earthlings!  Looky here:  Noncid=tweetlnkushpmg00000067.  Now, that's something to celebrate!


  1. I get it, I really do! February is a 'short' month, only 28 days most years, yet can see like the longest of the year. We will survive! We will once again see green grass and crocus and blooming hyacinth (use this as a mantra if you'd like, it seems to work for me). Your son is wonderful and congrats to him AND you.

    1. Hey, Pam! Let me see: grass, crocus, hyacinth... I think I can remember that! Thanks for the much-needed boost and for the good wishes. Isn't it a miraculous thing to see our kids sprout wings and fly?