Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just Shoot Me

So here I am, chugging along with my little blog here, getting way too excited any time I have more than 10 hits in a single day.  Patience, I counsel myself.  Give it time.  And I have heeded my own wise counsel, and for the most part, I have been content.  Well, 15 minutes ago, all that changed.  I learned that, while my daughter's best friend is away this week with the marching band, my daughter has been entrusted with the job of managing her blog for her.  Of what does this task consist, you might ask?  Why, it consists of posting pictures of "nature and parties." 
     I have been blogging for close to four months.  How many followers do I have?  Four, including my son, my husband, and my friend Julie, whom I begged.  How many followers does my daughter's friend Gianna have?  236.  I repeat: 236.  236 people who are evidently incapable of finding pictures of nature and parties without guidance.  When I expressed my dismay, my daughter, trying to be kind, told me that Gianna only has that many followers because hers is a "hipster blog."  My question, "Aren't I a hipster?," was met with tactful silence.
     Fine.  Being the mature middle-aged woman that I am, I know that hipsters are not born, but made.  This is America, land of opportunity, and if Gianna can have a hipster blog, so can I.  Observe:

(This is the nature picture)

(Which leaves....PARTIES!!!)
         Yeah, bring it on, Gianna!  Who's got the hipster blog NOW????

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