Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Amy!

This will be an extremely brief post - I just need to note that this Tuesday will be my baby daughter's 16th birthday.  How could this be?  And yet, it is.  In her honor, I will report a short conversation I had with her recently.  I said something much like, "Wanna know how stupid I am?  I just put my laptop onto the chair and then, one minute later, was looking around for it in its usual place and thinking it got stolen."  To which she replied, "That's not stupid.  You're confusing stupid with senile.  If you're stupid, you can always do something about it.  You can learn stuff.  But if you're senile - huh!  Good luck with that."
     I love you, Amy.  Happy birthday.


  1. I posted a comment but it didn't go through the first time... Anyway, thanks for the laugh, Susan, and happy birthday to your daughter.

    1. Thanks, Yvonne! Who says a girl has to be sweet just because she's turning 16?